Writing 101 Day 9 Open Letter to the Biker I Pissed Off

Open Letter to the Biker I Pissed Off on Walnut Blvd on July 29th, 2015

To begin with, I understand now why  I was in the wrong.  After I backed out into the street, I pulled ahead into your path.  That was wrong.  I should have stopped my van and let you pass,  then pull forward and continue on.  I’m so sorry, sir.   At the time of our conversation after the incident, I knew I must be in the wrong, but didn’t understand what I did that put me in the wrong.  Please hear me out.

I was traveling along Walnut Blvd glimpsing at the lake which was dancing with diamonds as the setting sun sparkled the surface.  Photo op!  I saw a drive  ahead of me, turned in, backed out and… OMG!  there you  were …right smack in front of me…astride your bike, smiling and patiently waiting for me to finish my turn around.  I smiled a sheepish smile and thought, Gotta  get outta this guy’s way!  As quick as I could, I turned my wheel to the left, pulled forward and continued on.  I heard an angry voice behind me.  I checked my rear view mirror, saw you waving your arms and immediately stopped my van.  You rode up to my window.  You were very angry.

“Did I do something to make you angry?  I asked.

“Do you know what you did?  You..you just pulled out right in front of me!”

“I’m so sorry, sir!” I said apologetically.

“At first I was willing to forgive you  but now…now I can’t.  Have a nice day.”  And you climbed on your bike and rode away.

I was confused.  You weren’t angry with me for almost running you down when I turned into that drive.  You were angry with me for “pulling out in front” of you.  When did I do that? It took a lot of mulling over and over in my mind,before…LIGHT BULB!

Again, sir, I am so sorry!

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