Writing 101 #10 If we were having morning coffee….

If we were having morning coffee…

I would tell you…Oops!  Forgot to put the coffee on.  Hey, have a seat on the deck.  It’ll be ready in just a sec.  I’m making my fave…you know “mochaboo.”  I add a helping of hot chocolate to my coffee ‘n’ top it off with a swig of cream.  Want some?  Not in the mood, eh?  Well, here you go…a mug for you and a mug for me.  Let’s rap!

If we were having morning coffee, I would tell you I’m postponing any posts on my blog until I complete Writing 101.  I was kind of stuck anyway.  In my memoirs I am now at Yalca in Victoria, AU.  There are several points of view I can take to tell about my adventures there, but I haven’t decided which is best.  And that’s one of the nifty things about this course I’m taking.  I have the opportunity to visit many, many different blog sites and get a feel for what colors, formats, writing styles would give more zest to my own.  Imagination and creativity abound! To be sure there are tons of fantastically gifted people out there and they’re so  willing to share and support.  I am blown away!!

If we were having morning coffee, I would tell you four of my five cats showed up for breakfast this am.  Button, the mama cat of them all (except the newly acquired orphan), hasn’t been around for a week or two, but no worries here! She popped out two litters of kittens (three of which still live here) and now, after being spayed, lives her life as she chooses not as Way of the Wild dictates!  I named the orphan Ratso.  Did I tell you the story?  No…no…it’s a short story.  Well, one night about a month ago I heard a yipping, screeching ruckus going on in the valley behind us.  I sat up in bed and thought, Well, something just got et.  Oh, well, Way of the Wild!  Next morning a scared, short-haired feral kitten (about 2 months old) showed up in my garden.   He has different genes than my other three. I think there’s some tortoise shell or brindle plus tabby in him.  He’s slowly socializing and keeps me entertained with his antics.  Was that short enough??

If I were having morning coffee, I would say…Well, that’s it for me.  What’s goin’ on in your world?

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